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Intuitive Painting & Meditation Workshops

Make your own Meditation Kit in these intimate workshops intended to help you release, relax, let go, and have fun in a creative and healing practice. You will be guided to tuning into the energy of healing crystals to inspire a watercolor painting that you’ll make for your own Meditation Kit!

a blank meditation kit with rose quartz crystals all around it and a dried celosia on top
a flat lay of painting supplied including an apron, brush, syringe, glass for water, and palette

Each workshop includes:

- Opening Energy-clearing Meditation

- Your own Meditation Kit including

  • Healing Crystals

  • 1x Selenite Wand

  • 1x Tealight Intention Candle

  • 1x Template for Intuitive Painting, pre-drawn on high-quality watercolor paper

  • Bio about the Healing Properties of the crystal

  • Instructions for using your kit for Focus Meditation

  • Recycled Kraft Paper Box with Cotton Filling to house your kit

- Access to a variety of high-quality watercolor paints, brushes, and other materials needed to create a painting for your kit

- Guidance on how to tune into the stones to inspire you, as well as the time and space to release, let go, and create your own painting

- A guided Focus Meditation using the elements of your kit

- Time to connect with yourself or with friends in a supportive, inviting space!

These workshops are approximately 90 minutes long and are fully inclusive events - any and everyone is welcome! No previous painting, art, or meditation experience is necessary. All painting supplies will be provided for use during the workshop so just bring your beautiful self and an open mind and heart. You’ll leave with your own complete Meditation Kit, a beautiful connection to a community of mindful folks, and the tools to inspire your own Meditation practice!

photo of student work in progress at a past workshop


"I had such an awesome time yesterday with Halcyon Heroine at A Touch of Magick! I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Taurus Intuitive Painting and Meditation Workshop as it was my first event (and I'm not a Taurus!), but I was pleasantly surprised. It was laid back, no pressure, and relaxing, and I loved that it was such a small group. Although I’m no artist, creativity and expression were encouraged and we were cheered on the entire time! And how cute are these meditation kits we got to take home with our painting?"

- Corinn

photo of student work from past workshop

"The energy was just beautiful... calm, open, supportive.

Our attention was attuned to Citrine & Dalmatian Jasper stones with a focus on Creativity & Inspiration for spring.

There was talk of tears and certainly a creative release!"

- Katie

photo of student work in progress at a past workshop

Intuitive Painting & Meditation Workshops are available as part of healing retreats + events, and for private bookings. To inquire, please fill out the form below!

photo of students painting at a past workshop
a blank meditation kit with pink strawflower on top
paint supplies set-up with a sleeping black cat curled up beside them
photo of student work in progress at a past workshop
photo of student work in progress at a past workshop
photo of students painting at a past workshop
photo of refreshments
photo of student work in progress at a past workshop
photo of student work in progress at a past workshop

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Thank you for your interest!

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