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In addition to my passion for bringing Healing to the Home, I am also a practicing Yogi of 16 years

and a 200h Certified Yoga Teacher with a calling to make Yoga accessible to all.

Trained in Vinyasa flow-based Yoga in Los Angeles CA, my teachings focus on sharing

a loving practice creatively and intuitively with all humankind.

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In my classes, you can expect an inclusive practice for all levels and all bodies with a carefully woven blend of Yoga philosophy, focus on the subtle body/energy, and a thoughtful and intentional asana flow. Connecting mind, body, and breath is key to helping my students achieve the most benefits from their practice both on and off the mat, so you can always expect Pranayama and Meditation as well.

I also bring the vibes with curated playlists, inspiring readings, and sometimes Chanting too!

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Forever a devoted student of Yoga, I plan to someday expand my certification to include

Trauma-Informed Yoga, Yoga for Special Populations, and Social Justice in Yoga.

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Currently available for hire for private sessions or for the right studio!

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Created with the goal to provide healing + joy, my handmade Meditation Kits include the following:

.:. handmade intuitive painting

.:. healing crystal

.:. selenite cleansing and charging wand

.:. candle

.:. instructions for a focused meditation

.:. bio of the healing properties of the crystal

. .: . :. .

I believe in the healing power of Crystals.

Seriously though, they can do amazing things for your life if you're open to it!

Crystal energy can open doors, heal pain, and shift the trajectory of your life for the better.

If you are willing to believe, the possibilities are limitless.


. .: . :. .

With these kits, I use the crystal (or in the case of custom kits, more often the specific recipient) to inspire the painting I create for them. The Intuitive Painting is made just like it sounds! First I hand-select the crystal for each kit. When it's time to paint, I hold the crystal and focus on its healing properties.

As I move it around in my hand, I start to feel moved to put color to paper. The palette and shapes that follow are all organically inspired from that point on until the piece is complete!


. .: . :. .

The items together are intended to inspire a regular meditation practice using their power, beauty,

and healing energies to do so. But the elements of the kit can be enjoyed separately as well!

The crystal can be carried or used for daily healing, the painting placed on an altar or hung,

and the candle popped into your favorite holder to give your space some ambience. 


. .: . :. .

They also make great gifts! Visit my shop to see the pre-made kits currently available.

I can also make a custom kit for any need so email me with what you're looking for

and I'll create one just for you or someone you love.

Pre-made kits are $40 USD each and custom are $50 USD each.

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