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At Halcyon Heroine, Home + Healing are two halves to one whole.




a mythical bird said by ancient writers

to thrive in a nest floating

at sea at the Winter Solstice,

charming the wind and waves into calm




a woman admired for her courage,

notable achievements, and honorable qualities


Halcyon Heroine is a loving embodiment of

offerings and creations focused on bringing calm

to chaos and good vibes to all.

Established by Artist, Maker, and Healer Nicole Montagano in 2010,

HH has seen many iterations in its evolution.

Like all life, it took some growing and exploring

and soul-searching to arrive at its true purpose.

Today, through channeling the skills learned through her dynamic career

of Styling, Decorating, and Designing within the Interiors/Home Industry,

in harmony with her passions for Healing, Florals, Art, Nature, and doing good by the Earth and its Beings, Nicole has grown Halcyon Heroine into

force for lightness in the world




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