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Wild, Earthy, & Artful

two clover flowers grow from the ground as a snail crawls along in front of them
a wild grass grows toward the sky as a bumble bee prepares to land on it



a mythical bird said by ancient writers to thrive in a nest floating on a tumultuous sea at the Winter Solstice, charming the wind and waves into calm



a woman admired for her courage, notable achievements, and honorable qualities

Halcyon Heroine is a loving embodiment of offerings and creations inspired by thoughtful, nature-centered passions and practices

Established in 2010, Halcyon Heroine is a culmination of passions by Artist, Floral Designer, Healer, and Vintage enthusiast Nicole Montagano (she/her). Dedicated to sustainable, ethical, inclusive, and energy-focused practices, Halcyon Heroine's creations are Wild, Earthy, and Artful, inspired by Nature and deeply rooted in connection to & reverence for the Earth.
Nicole’s offerings include sustainably + seasonably-focused Floral Design for weddings and events, unique handmade Meditation Kits for Focus Meditation, Original Watercolor & Illustration Artwork, Botanical Art and Curiosities hand-crafted using collected, foraged, and respectfully sourced elements from Nature, and thoughtfully curated Vintage Treasures & Home Decor. An artist from age 4, Nicole has been creating her entire life and through a dynamic career in Interior Design, Retail & Visual Merchandising, Textiles, Photo & Prop Styling, Set Design, and Floral Design, she has honed in on her passions and uses her skills to create from her heart and soul.

Nicole (she/her) is a double Capricorn ☀︎☾ + Gemini Ascent currently living on acknowledged Nipmuc, Wopanaak, & Pokanoket Land in southern New England with her husband and soulmate Robert, & their (very spoiled and deeply-loved) rescue mutt Margot. 

Nicole, the owner of Halcyon Heroine and a Floral Designer, is shown making a floral installation on-site at a wedding in a black and white photograph
A portrait of Nicole, the owner of Halcyon Heroine, sitting on a red leather sofa in front of a plant and some abstract artwork. Nicole is a white woman in her late thirties with long wavy brown hair. She is wearing a white boucle dress, brown leather belt, and a necklace with a brass ring hanging from a brown leather cord.


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