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A unique Mid-Century find, this tall textured vase is a real treasure. Beautiful "eye"-like patterns in brown create bands around the vase against a glazed eggshell ground. The inside is a rich cocoa brown with a ripple texture around the neck.


The bottom of the vase is unfinished, raw stoneware with "268-23 W GERMANY" carved into it, indicating that it was made sometime between 1949-1989 (most likely in the 1960s based on the style) when Germany was divided between democartic West Germany and authoritarian East Germany.


The vase is on the larger side at approximately 9-1/4"H x 4-1/4"W with a mouth opening of 2-3/4"W. It's in great condition with no known chips or cracks and is watertight!

Mid-Century Tall German Vase

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