Need help deciding which sofa to buy? Want the look of that designer rug but don’t want to pay $10k for it? Have an empty shelf and no clue what to put on it? Can’t even begin to navigate the wide world of paint colors? I’m your girl! I can help you pick out that one piece you’re missing or suggest every element to fill a room from floor to ceiling!


Best part is, we can do this together in person or entirely remotely from any where in the world! This service will require a little work on your end including measurements and photos of your space, as well as ideas of your aesthetics/the look you’re aspiring for, but I believe in the magic of Pinterest to make this more fun!

With this service I will be advising you on the right items to buy in the best shapes, sizes, and colors, and where you can buy them. I will be doing the dirty work on your behalf, going out in the world (real and internet) and doing all of the research to find the right furnishings, decor, artwork, lighting, wall coverings/paint colors, tile, fixtures, flooring, and/or other materials to make your space amazing!


This is a great service option if you have a budget, as I have a knack for finding the look you’re yearning for for a whole lot less than the designer version!