Have family heirlooms you love but no idea what to do with them? Need help deciding where to hang new artwork or a mirror? Dove head-first into the house plant trend but stumped on where to put them all?? I'm here to help!


I can come into your home and help you style your existing furniture and decor,

giving new life to your old things! I’ll help you give new purpose to vessels

and objects you never knew the potential of. 


This is a great service for seasonal and holiday decor too. I can do everything from

summer-izing your guest room to decorating your Christmas tree!


This service does not include sourcing or shopping for new pieces

but helps you make the most out of the things you already have and love.

Need more stuff and don’t know what to buy?

Select Personal Home Shopping from the drop-down menu up top!

Currently this is a service offered only locally but travel inquiries are welcome.