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Your space. A reflection of you. Where your energy and essence vibrate your truth unapologetically.

It's where you find peace and ease, sanctuary and serenity, and feel the most like yourself.

At Halcyon Heroine, I believe wholeheartedly that your home should be all of these things and more.

It should be a space where you can take up space with your whole being. Where you and your family

(no matter who is family for you) feel both energized and calmed, comfortable and inspired.


. .: . :. .

Here for any and all of it.

Whether you just need help honing in on what brings you joy in your space and releasing the rest, adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls and hanging some artwork, shopping for new pieces that vibe with you and your life, or revitalizing your space from Earth to Sky, I am here to help you make that happen at any capacity. My approach to our time + project together will be energy-focused and I will strive to help you manifest and contain the energy you want to feel in your Home every day and rid it of the energy you no longer need there.


. .: . :. .

I believe in karma. Doing good by the Earth and all of its Beings is what gives me life. 

No matter what the scope of your project, I will focus on all of the ways our work together can result in good.

If you're looking to clean house, I'll help you donate what is no longer serving you to the local community and organizations in need. If we are doing renovations to your home, I'll hire local contractors and craftspeople who practice their trades ethically and sustainably with a focus on materials that are thoughtful + safe.

If I am helping you shop for new items, I will source from makers who care about their impact on the Earth and use only ethical and quality-focused manufacturing processes. I will give new life to vintage treasures and

up-cycle whatever I can whenever I can. And I will concentrate on supporting local, small, and diversely-run

businesses to furnish and decorate your space with actual heart and soul this is what I mean by energy-focused!


. .: . :. .

There is a spiritual connection to Nature and the Earth, and I honor that relationship in all I do.

Nature is my muse and my teacher, and I work to celebrate and protect her every day.

Drawing my inspiration from the tiniest of leaves to the most glorious of beasts, I include touches of

Nature in my designs however I can. I love animals in art, organic shapes + details, sustainable and natural materials, decorating with plants and flowers any and everywhere possible, and any way I can bring

the beauty and benefits of the outside in (always with acknowledgement, respect, and gratitude

 to the Earth and also the Native Land we inhabit.)


. .: . :. .

Having a space you love to call HOME should be everyones reality - not a pipe dream.

No matter what your space is like (from a single room to a multi-bedroom house), I can work with you

to transform it into something that is truly yours. I believe it should not require years of budgeting and debt

to do so, and that steps to make your Home HOME are accessible to everyone. Interested in how?

Consultations are $30 for 30 minutes and available over Zoom for all or in-person locally

(Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Eastern Connecticut USA.)

Message me here to book!

.:. Sliding Scale Pricing is available based upon need .:.

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