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Inspired by Nature & its innate beauty

A true marriage of my passions for flora, fauna, nature, curiosities, art, creativity, flea-market hunting, foraging, & home decor, these pieces are created with the intention to celebrate the elements and gifts of the Earth from which they are composed of.


Each piece is totally unique and may include any mix of animal bones & taxidermy (found or ethically sourced), dried botanicals, foraged nature bits, seashells, and coral. Playing with texture, shape, and color when making each piece is truly inspiring and allows me to explore form and composition in a completely unique way.

I envision these pieces as art and home decor, to be fawned over and adored for their celebration of the Earth and her gifts. Current offerings are available in my SHOP

flora fauna_vertebrae with garnet_3.jpeg
flora fauna_horseshoe crab_1.jpeg
flora fauna_vertebrae with amethyst_2.jpeg
flora fauna_opposum jaw_1.jpeg
flora fauna_cat spine_3.jpeg
flora fauna_deer antlers_2.jpeg
antler 5_3.jpeg
curiosity bottle_land & sea_1.jpeg
antler 11_1.jpeg
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